10 Fun Things to Do in an Airport While Waiting for a Delayed Flight

Flights get delayed. It’s a fact of travel life, and it’s happened to everyone. Some delays are minutes, some hours. If your delay is hours, don’t sit bored and brooding. Airports realized long ago that delayed passengers want something to keep them occupied. Larger airports have more amenities, but even smaller airports can offer fun things to do while you wait. Hop onto their website, or better yet, some even have apps.Make the most out of it and have fun.

1. Shop
Just about every airport has shopping. In many, it’s much more than just single pack aspirin, local souvenirs and newspapers. Books, jewelry, high end clothing and accessories, specialty food, health and beauty. If it’s in the mall, chances are, it’s in an airport, somewhere. So you can’t afford a $500 designer hand bag? Window shop just for fun.
2. Dine
That’s right, dine. You don’t have to grab and dash a cellophane-wrapped sandwich. You’ll find chain eateries you recognize, but you may also find locally inspired fine dining establishments. Be adventurous. Try the local cuisine. Let your wait staff know you have time and enjoy a leisurely meal.
3. Treat Yourself to a Mini-Spa Experience
A popular trend at airports these days is the spa experience. Most airport spas offer express treatments like manicures, pedicures and massages in as little as 15 minutes. But if you have the time, pamper yourself. You might even find a hair salon. Who wouldn’t want to step off the plane looking like a million bucks?
4. Play
If you’re traveling with little ones, you may have already built extra time in your airport layover. A lengthy delay on top of that could spell toddler meltdown. Scope out the many play zones now finding their way into most airports. They usually have an aviation theme, with cartoon-like airplanes to climb on and activities to bring on the fun.
5. Take in the Artwork
Art in airports is no longer a trend. Many larger airports have staff curators and fully-fledged on-site museums. Others just make use of available space for interesting displays. Some art is local; other exhibitions are rotated with visual arts from around the world, and are as museum quality as you’d find in the finest world class art, natural history or science and technology galleries. See if your airport has an app or a map to help you find the works.
6. Get Connected
You’d be hard pressed to find an airport without public access Wi-Fi. Some are free, some require a fee. Get caught up on emails, update your social media, catch up on work, or watch a movie. Many airports now have charging stations in central locations and some even have power outlets with various types of electronic ports at every boarding lounge seat.
7. Get Right Out of the Airport
Depending on where you are stranded and how far away you are from the city, an adventure out of the airport may be the ticket for fun. Virtually every large and medium-hub airport is in proximity to a metropolitan area, and that means sights. Take a cab or check out the airport website to see if they have links to local day trips.
8. Get Your Yoga
If you’re thinking downward dog and child’s pose are just what you need to de-stress from missing a connection, seek out a yoga center. They are becoming more and more popular in many airports.
9. Snooze Through Your Delay in a Private Sleeping Room
Private sleeping and relaxation rooms are available in many airports. They’re compact and cozy, and best of all, private and far more comfortable than public seating.
10. Make New Friends
So, 1 through 9 don’t appeal to you, or it’s not in your airport, or you’ve done it and still have time to spare? You might not be the only one with time to kill. Strike up a conversation with a stranger. Buy a deck of cards and get a round of poker going. Chat with someone about the books you both brought along for the ride. People are people, no matter where you are.

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