Benefits of understanding where the turbulence is located prior to your flight

Turbulence, the wind patterns and jet streams active in our atmosphere above the 32,000 feet altitude, is the bumpy and shaky experience aboard a plane most of us are familiar with. For nervous flyers, turbulence is one’s worst nightmare, and can leave passengers worried, scared, or discombobulated if not buckled in.


Prior to your next flight, it’s possible to learn about upcoming turbulence patterns penned by pilots who have flown through them previously. Pilots know when turbulence pockets are coming due to reports, geological formations, and experience. By knowing when to expect turbulence, your mind will process it with much more ease than being hit with an unexpected jolt.


And remember, no matter how strong the turbulence, no wind stream is strong enough to damage your aircraft. You’re safe and on your way to your next destination. Learn more at MyFlight Forecast

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