How to handle travel delays during Holidays

The holidays are notorious for unexpected travel delays that result catastrophic family meltdowns at the last second. Many family members need to fly to be with the rest of their loved ones for the family holiday experience, which in turn can create a potentially hectic and stressful situation for those staring down travel plans.

It’s important to understand that the holidays occur during a time when most of the country is in a winter weather pattern. In order to be safe, many airlines will delay and cancel flights if it is at risk to the passengers. That’s ok. Here’s a few things you can do in the mean-time to ensure you don’t miss the scheduled flights:
1. Arrive early: The holidays are hectic times at airports. Don’t make it more stressful on yourself.
2. Fly out a day or two before the big holiday: Plan ahead just in case a flight is cancelled.
3. Bring plenty to read/work on: If you’re stranded at an airport, get caught up on your backlogged work!

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