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even if it's not clear skies.

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Satellite Imagery is used by pilots to determine locations of clouds or fog, therefor potentially decreasing the amount of visibility - but don't fret, pilots and aircraft are trained and equipped to fly in areas of decreased visibility. Pilots will also reference the satellite imagery to identify other potential areas of turbuelence. When a plane fly's, its wings are generating lift due to the air flowing above and below the wing, if you add a little moisture (clouds) to the equation, the composition of the air is made up a little bit differently. The plane will feel the affects of this in the form of turbulence! A great analogy would be to picture yourself driving in a car on a paved roadway, and then you turn onto a dirt road, the composition of the road is now a little bit different, and the car ride might not feel as smooth as it did on the paved road. This is the same scenario as when a plane transitions from clear air, into a cloud. Do Not Worry, clouds are not as scary as they seem!