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MyFlight Forecast™ puts essential flying weather data at your fingertips, just like the information pilots review before takeoff. While pilots delve into a wide array of data, we've simplified it for you, offering insights into flight conditions, potential delays, and turbulence forecasts. Stay informed and prepared for your flight with expert weather insights designed to enhance your travel experience. Don't just fly—fly smarter with MyFlight Forecast™.


Know before you go (And During); Upgrade with our live Flight Tracker.

MyFlight Forecast is the first-ever turbulence reporting and forecasting app designed specifically for passengers, giving you the power to know when your flight may be bumpy. With over 20,000 downloads, travelers from all over the United States trust MyFlight Forecast as an essential part of their travel routine. The app provides real-time turbulence reports and accurate forecasts, ensuring you stay informed and prepared. Experience smoother travels and peace of mind with MyFlight Forecast—you'll never want to travel without it again, guaranteed!


Nervous Flyer?

Learn the tips and tricks to become a more confident flyer with Flight21™. If you experience anticipatory anxiety about flying, let our expertise help. Developed by professional pilots and experts in the field of Fear of Flying, our app assists you in thinking more rationally about your fear of flying, providing you with the tools and strategies you need to overcome your anxiety.